Oh hey. My name’s Sam.

There’s something profoundly intimidating about starting a personal blog.

  • For one thing, I’m not good at talking about myself. Is my hum-drum worth discussing in a public forum? Am I boring you? Do you hate me? Can I tolerate not knowing what you think of me after you read this?
  • For another, I don’t know everyone reading this stuff. Do I really want all of you to know so much about me?
  • And for another, I probably know more than one of you reading this stuff. Do I really want all of you to know so much about me?

So I’ll start by saying this: I don’t know how this is going to work. I’m hoping you don’t judge me for what ends up here. Maybe you’ll find it interesting, or surprising, or fun, or completely off-base. Maybe you’ll consider me a friend. Or maybe I’ll be a verbose, naïve young stranger. Whatever the case, I hope that, occasionally, it makes you think.

On that note, I hope it makes me think. What am I doing? What should I be doing? Am I having fun, serving others, enjoying and appreciating the blessings I’ve been given? What can I do to be a better, more well-rounded person? Am I living my life as my authentic self?

When you think about it, there’s really no better way to make that call than in hindsight. In any given moment—when we act, decide, stay still—we often think of our behavior as inconsequential. Call or text? Paper or plastic? Sweet or savory?

Sometimes that’s true, and the moment is without consequence, at least in the grander scheme of our lives. But we don’t know what will end up being pivotal until some other thing happens as a result. Then we think back on the domino effect, and, sometimes, we can see if we did the right thing.

A personal blog is a place to wax poetic about life: here’s what I did today, here’s what I should’ve done yesterday, there’s what I might do tomorrow. In that way, this will be a good outlet for revisiting myself—because who you are, in my opinion, is composed largely of what you do.

By nature, I’m not particularly well organized. I’m your typical “creative type”—the kind who might say something like, I haven’t lost those notes. I just can’t find them right now. Nevertheless, I’d like to open this blog by undermining that tendency and writing out a mission statement.

How gooey is that, right? A mission statement. For a blog. By a flighty, sometimes flaky, and rarely logical writer.

But the goal here is to be better, right? So I guess I’ll start now:

Wellspring—named for Proverbs 4:23—is the personal blog of a Catholic, American woman named Sam (that’s me). It will discuss my day-to-day experiences, both individual and with family, and jump into a little self-reflection. I’ll probably talk about personal projects, conversations, observations, vacations, and the other things that fill my daily life. But I want to focus on Catholic living, popular culture, relationships, and the effort of harmonizing self with circumstances. My goal is to get to know myself better, and communicate my lifestyle and beliefs in an open, honest forum. My dream is to make others think a little about what I’ve written and, maybe, spark some dialogue.

True to my natural form, that’s probably a rather messy, very loose interpretation of a mission statement. Moreover, I have no idea how I’ll formulate my posts, how often I’ll publish them, or how impactful it’ll be. (I’m fairly certain that this post has taken this whole thing far too seriously.) Either way, if you choose to follow along, I’m more than happy to have you along for the ride. But please bear with me, don’t judge me, and, above all, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Wellspring Share Image

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